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HTML5 Development

Blueeagle, IT Outsourcing Company , holds its strength in HTML5 development (both web and mobile) and has demonstrated this fact time and again by producing world-class results to businesses across the continents. Our expertise and experience has enabled our HTML developers and web designers to recently deliver challenging projects in HTML5, ones that used to be traditionally developed in Flash.

Highly Compatible

From PCs to MACs and Androids to iPhones, HTML5 is highly compatible to the majority of browsers including Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

User-Friendly Interface

HTML5 encourages a user-friendly interface and does not require users to download several plug-ins for Flash, Silverlight or Java in order to access content on the web. Instead HTML5 allow sites directly embed media with the simple HTML tags.

Geo-location Capabilities

In the world of mobile technology, location-specific content will become increasingly important in apps and websites. HTML5 can be used to add value to the public transit, shopping, and online gaming applications.

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